Covid-19 Pandemic Batu Kasah Beach National Geosite Temporarily Closed

NATUNA – Now we are going to one of the Natuna National Geopark Geosite, Batu Kasah Beach Geosite. This beach is only 27 km from Ranai city to the south, we will find a village called Central Cemaga Village, South Bunguran District, Natuna Regency, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

The tourist attraction that is united with the Natuna National Geopark Geosite Batu Kasah Beach, has quite a beautiful panorama. The stretch of white sand beach is decorated with giant granite headlands that are neatly arranged soaring, the gazebo faces the sea surrounded by green Japanese grass, making your weekend big and fun.

Bahari, that’s the name for coastal children. Clean sea water as a natural vehicle for bathing. Children, teenagers and adults plunge into the sea to swim. Indicates they are a coastal person who can swim.

However, a tourist attraction that is always crowded with tourists every weekend, BUMDes Indah Jaya as the manager, on the orders of the head of Cemaga Tengah Zaidan Village, the location is temporarily closed to tourists.

“Yes, the Batu Kasah Beach Tourism object is temporarily closed, reopened after the revocation of the status of Micro PPKM (limited), explained Zaidan.(24/07/2021)*

Report : Aulia